More power when it’s really needed

this is smart!

The new hydraulic cylinder that adapts its performance to the background. Powerful and accurate, it exalts the concept of high pressure generated by thePiston Poweramplifier to reduce weights, increase speed and save energy.

SMART and clever

Designed to face long and hard lifecycle, it automatically activates the amplifier embedded in the rod to reach the high force needed to work, while increasing the energy efficiency. The hydraulic system enclosed inside the rod eliminates the risk of external leakage and improves the interspace on the machine.

Strong and reliable, well designed in any part to face the maximum strength and to retain carefully in any condition the high pressure inside the cylinder body, in order to eliminate the risk of impact failure over pipes and blocks.

To discover the benefit of

ALL IN ONE, one for all applications

The complete hydraulic system is held by the rod and it is adjusted and customized for each application. The hydraulic connections - located in the rod eye - are designed according to low-pressure standard; only the cylinder’s body retains the maximum pressure of 700 bar and relays the power to the machine.

Load holding, counter balance and relief valve instantly react at the pressure fluctuations since they are directly in touch with the two cylinder chambers.

This is the reason why runs flowing and smoothly, more precise than any other external hydraulic system.

HIGH TECHNOLOGY the way for cost reduction

Big cost saving is waiting for you. Smart Cylinder new technology drives into new design rules that allow material and energy saving. The embedded hydraulic control works non-stop and precise, it enables cost saving each run. More power when it’s really needed.

Smart Cylinder is the key to eliminate system over-design reducing the components and optimizing the sizes.

in a new better size

Faster and thin, Smart Cylinder by Sighinolfi delivers high power and efficiency through the pressure-amplifier by Piston Power. The amplification ratio of 2,8 allows weight and dimensional reduction of the cylinder without giving up the needed workforce.

During normal working cycle, Smart Cylinder runs quickly at the maximum pump flow, increasing the work speed, whereas for the hardest work cycles the high pressure is automatically activated by the amplifier until the needed force is safely achieved.


You can find in the summary table Smart Cylinder for general market version.

More specific versions are realized for telescopic cylinders and in length until 10m.

Smart Cylinder
CA MODEL Amplification Factor MAX exit supply pressure bar Amplified piston pressure bar EXIT flow rate up to l/min MIN BORE diameter mm Pushing Force up to kN [T] MIN ROD diameter mm RETURN supply pressure up to bar Pulling force up to kN [T] MIN
stroke mm
pin-to-pin mm
Oil connection type
CA100 2,8 250 700 100 110 665,2 [67,8] 85 250 95,7 [9,8] 220 600 G
350 134,0 [13,7]
CA200 2,8 250 700 200 125 859,0 [87,6] 100 250 110,5 [11,3] 240 810 G
850 SAE600
350 154,6 [15,8] 810 G
850 SAE600
CA300DR 2,0 250 500 300 160 1.005,7 [102,5] 120 250 219,9 [22,4] 260 845 G
895 SAE600
350 700 150 1.237, 0 [126,1] 125 350 189,0 [19,3] 845 G
895 SAE600
CA300DM 2,4 250 600 300 150 1.069,0 [109,0] 120 250 159,0 [16,2] 260 845 G
895 SAE600
290 696 1.237, 0 [126,1] 125 350 189,0 [19,3] 845 G
895 SAE600

The above data are basic figures about how to apply the smart cylinder technology. Different figures are available. CONTACT US!


“Inspired by the importance of a gearbox in a car, I got the idea of introducing automatic “gearshift” in standard hydraulic cylinders.
Piston Power is bringing my idea to market”

Jørgen M. Clausen, Entrepreneur & Innovator.